Flight Simulator on Mac

I am seriously wanting to switch to Mac, iMac in particular.

I am confident I can adjust from a PC environment cause I now use Safari, Word for Mac is available, I am a Iphone 4 owner and Itunes experienced.

The last question is will I still enjoy my Flight SImulation using Microsoft Flight SIm FS9 and FX on my Mac?. Because it is PC based only, I will have to partition my mac with Boot Camp and run it on that Windows part.

I assume other games from Microsoft would also play here.

Is anybody out there using Flight Sim on their Mac? How is the performance?

Appreciate your feedback?



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    Hi Dennis,
    use X-Plane. It´s better and more reliable than FSX. Plus it adds more realism to the simulation.

    If you still want to stick with FSX use Boot Camp and install Windows. There you can install FS9 and FSX. Thats what I did before I started using X-Plane.

    Best regrads


    • Answered by Heiko H
    • 31-Aug-2011
  • Great move Dennis - "gear up",
    Started out with Microsoft Flight Simulator many many Macs ago. Was a great program, so I thought. Changed years, computers, & versions ago to X-Plane. The latest used were versions 8, 9 then 10 (X-Plane X). As previous user suggested, best to convert to X-Plane. Detail, variety, & real simulation performance are to note. Got my private pilot license back in 1982 & after many hours in simulators & various aircraft, suggest X-Plane 9 if you want to save a few bucks over the newest X-Plane X. By the way, there are endless amounts of aircraft, real & experimental to add, if those numerous supplied don't keep you occupied. Happy flying!

    • Answered by David Z from Lafayette Hill
    • 29-May-2012
  • PhoenixRC Flight Simulator for MS Windows is in my opinion the best RC flight simulator that runs on the MAC.
    Installing PhoenixRC Flight Simulator on an Apple MacBook Pro computer requires either “Boot Camp” or “VMWare Fusion” (Virtual Machine). They are similar in price but the Fusian program has the advantage of running inside the MAC OS, and therefore does not require re-booting the computer to run the program.
    I found that PhoenixRC installs and runs without problems into MS Windows 7 on the VMWare Fusian Virtual Machine on a MacBook Pro using the Mountain Lion OS, but gave some problems with the initial install and with the updates that can easily be fixed.

    For the initial install of the PhoenixRC program do not install the Direct X option since Fusion already includes the latest version of Direct X. This avoids the error message when the PhoenixRC program tries to install its version of Direct X.

    For the PhoenixRC updates, I had no problems with the Downloading, but the Downloads would not automatically install. The downloads were where PhoenixRC expects them to be in “Users – (my name) – PhoenixRC – Downloaded Updates”. I went to the Phoenix-sim website and they advised me to go to “All Programs – PhoenixRC” then right click on “Install Updates Manually” and select “Run as Administrator”, and all the updates installed correctly.

    • Answered by Annie V from Stamford
    • 30-Aug-2012
  • Bought VM Fusion ware to run Flight Simulator on an Imac and it does not work properly.
    Have tried many times to lower the settings but just give up in frustration.

    • Answered by Allan T from Aspley
    • 13-Jun-2011

    • Answered by Kristen B from Sherman
    • 24-Apr-2012