I am confused between the new Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro. memory & ODD - not a concern. want- making websites, app developing, video editing

memory and optical disk drive is not a concern.
I am student. tech savvy. So I also need something very portable yet something super performance wise.
Does the new Macbook Air, 13' perform fairly well?
Can I work with final cut pro X on it with ease?
Can I work with Adobe Dreamweaver excellently on it?
Can I develop apps on it?
Or should I opt for the 13' Macbook Pro?

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  • I would say, MacBook Air is good for casual use, browsing, emailing, business people may find it good for office work. If you are planning for heavy graphics, video/music editing.......I recommend MacBook Pro. Pro version may be heavier than Air, but will worth the extra weight if you plan to use Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver etc.

    Screen size really depends on your eye sight. If you have good eyesight, 13 will do. If you have sighting issue, 15 will be good, though heavier. When apple had that 17 (or 18) inches MacBook pro, I had one for a short while, and that was a monster! Darn heavy!! Now the 15 in is fairly okay.

    I think Dreamweaver nowadays needs Intel based MacBook to run, so should be okay.

    I have no experience developing apps to run on iOS, but I believe you can. At least you need a MacBook to test run your baby, right?

    • Answered by Lawrence C from Vancouver
    • 11-Dec-2014