I want to stream video to. my television and I also need a computer for my home. initially I was thinking apple tv, could a Mac mini serve both needs

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    I purchased a Mac mini towards the end of 2011. If you need both, Mac mini is the best thing for you. Setup is extremely easy as the Mac mini has an HDMI port that allows you to plug into all modern day televisions. This is allows you to bring your Mac mini with you anywhere you go. Ive brought my computer all over the place as it is not only my work computer but also my media center. All of my movies and television shows are purchased through Itunes, which allows me to view all my favorites right on the big screen with my family. The Mac was the start of my digital empire and has now grown to 2 apple tv's and 2 ipads, all of which talk to each other and allow for simultaneous streaming of my itunes account from wireless. I now have the mini as a desktop computer and media center and use the apple tv's to stream my media. Soon I hope to use the mac mini strictly for media, and will purchase an actual desktop mac for work. Be warned, once you start, its hard to stop to make it perfect. But once its rolling, its definitely worth it.

    • Answered by Christopher B from Glen Ellyn
    • 17-Oct-2012