If I edit professionally on a glossy iMac 27inch screen, when I purchase MBP should I get a glossy screen or anti-glare?

I already have a 27inch iMac and am looking to buy a 15 inch Macbook Pro. I edit professionally in Photoshop, ACR, Lightroom and soon will be working with Adobe Premier and After Effects.

If I get a matte screen for the MBP, will my images be consistent with my iMac since it is glossy? Should I get a glossy MBP screen so that it matches my glossy imac screen?

I have been editing this way for 3 years. If I get a matte MPB, will my images look duller on facebook and my portfolio site? Or look too crazy vivid on other's glossy screens?

I just don't want my client images to look different in print from one computer to the next.


2 Answers from the Community

  • Don't get the glossy screen!

    It is useless, i'm a graphic designer and have a new 27" iMac which you can only get with a glossy screen.

    It just picks up all the reflections in the office a bit like looking in a mirror all day.
    I think it strains your eyes more and its no good for photo or colour re-touching.

    Its a shame as the iMac is really good, I wish they at least had the option of an anti glare screen for the iMac.

    How many flat screen TVs do you see with a glossy screen??

    • Answered by Stephen W
    • 25-Sep-2012
  • Best Answer:

    You'll be happiest with the matte screen.

    • Answered by Roger K
    • 11-Aug-2012