If I use the new Airport Extreme with 802.11ac as my router, and extend range with an older 802.11n Express, will the network be limited to 802.11n ?

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    I had the same question and tested it out with my new AP extreme and my new Macbook air. If I go to the far end of my condo, it takes the signal from an older extreme and I only get n. If I shutoff wifi, go next to my new extreme, I get ac. I'm not sure if this is possible to change but that's what I found out and I'm not a techie. Oh, I have two older AP express and my older Time machine hooked up on network, which was much easier to do now.

    • Answered by Stewart H from Honolulu
    • 24-Jul-2013
  • If both ends of the connection are not the same speed, the connection will be no faster than the slower end of the connection. So, if your 802.11ac wireless devices must connect to the Express instead of the Extreme, your connection speed will be 802.11n.

    • Answered by Richard S from Hattiesburg
    • 2-May-2014