I'm a student, Macbook Pro or Air?

I currently have a PC and want to upgrade to a Macbook, but am not sure whether to get the Macbook Pro or Air.

I am a University student studying law and will use it for essays, Powerpoints and generally searching the internet, as well as some basic photo editing and music storage, but do have an external hard drive.

As far as portability is concerned I want to get the 13 inch in either model as I will be taking it to lectures and around campus, but the extra weight of the pro isn't a big deal if it will suit my needs better.

My main concern is that I want it to be long lasting as that is the main reason that I am prepared to pay the extra money to get a Mac instead of a PC.

Will an Air last as long as a Pro?

I really appreciate any help and advice, I have been debating for months and really want to make my purchase soon!


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    I would choose the MacBook Air. The Air is the everyday notebook and it seems that you won't need as much processing power and graphics as the MacBook Pro has. The Air will last as long as a Pro.

    • Answered by Braydon C from Saskatoon
    • 16-Aug-2012