Is 4GB enough for a reburbished MacBook Air?

Hello--I'm a 70-year old lady, semi-retired, looking at various places for a reburbished MacBook Air 11 (2014-2015).(I want the 11, not the 13, because of size/weight & arthritis in my hands.) I've seen several on reputable sites including Apple, but thus far they are all 4GB. My needs are basic--email and Word are my most used apps. I don't play games and only watch videos on my iPad; but I do quite a bit of browsing for research/writing and Bible study, but that's about it. Is there anything I might not be considering? anything which would be problematic in restricting myself to 4GB? (I'm not tech savvy, so please explain technical stuff as though I'm a 7-year-old, lol.) Many thanks!

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