is a macbook pro decent for gaming

i like to play minecraft

2 Answers from the Community

  • I would like to know if those i5's are the same intel sku, which I doubt. There is more to a CPU than 'i5' and clock speed.
    What was recommended is a desktop pc. We are looking at a laptop. Find a laptop with a dedicated graphics card that is 750m or higher and you should be fine.

    The macs are pricier, but OSX is great, build quality is better, service and support is better, screens are usually a lot better, more to it than just size and macs hold their value so when you want to sell it on, it's actually still worth something.

    • Answered by Michael S
    • 6-Dec-2013
  • A macbook pro is good for gaming, i would recommend it but be warned of steams super-busy servers. A macbook can play ANY pc game if you have bootcamp running windows.
    So all in all, a pc can not run mac os (atleast not easily) but a mac can run osx and windows making it better. Go for the macbook pro, but get a decent amount of memory because you seperate your hard drive space into two sections with boot camp and should have enough room for both windows and mac on bootcamp (if you choose to use bootcamp.)

    • Answered by Joshua M from Sydney
    • 12-Jun-2012