Is the 13 inch Macbook pro too slow? Is the 15 inch worth it?

I currently have a 15 inch HP, I'm tired of that computer being too slow, heavy (6.5) and bad battery life.
So I'm going for a Macbook, My choices are between the 13 inch core i7 Macbook Pro and the basic 15 inch core i7 Macbook pro.
I basically just surf the web, make school papers, view videos on youtube and a lot of Itunes and I want to learn to use Garage Band.
Is the graphic difference between the 13 and 15 inch so high? Is the 15 inch too heavy or too big? Or is a Macbook Air a good option?


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    I would say that a 13" MBP would be a perfect computer for you. It has nice portability, all the ports you need (SD card slot, all that jazz) it's very light (compared to your HP, at least) and will have plenty of power to handle what you're doing. It also has a nice big hard drive for lots of music and files. The graphics in the intel hd300 graphics will be plenty for the average user, even handling some games and Photoshop and whatnot.

    • Answered by Eric R from Lake Villa
    • 12-Jul-2011
  • In your case the 13 inch MBP would be just fine. As for me, I work for the Navy Exchange here at NAS Oceana, and last week I purchased the higher end 15 inch MBP! Mainly I wanted the bigger screen because my previous MacBook was beginning to become difficult to read and view for long periods of time. Plus I'm about to go into the Navy as an officer, so Im going to need the 15 inch for my Powerpoint presentations, word documents, HD video editing in Final Cut X, and I'll need the extra horsepower when they send me on deployments.

    Either way you're going to have one awesome machine!

    • Answered by James H from Portsmouth
    • 22-Sep-2011
  • The biggest difference is the screen size. The 15 inch Macbook Pro does have better graphics and screen. But for doing School papers and Browsing the web the 13 inch Macbook Pro is the perfect product.

    • Answered by Drew S from Monarch Beach
    • 25-Mar-2012
  • I just purchased to 15" and my brother got the 13", I like them both. I thought of the 13', but I decided that I just wanted a bigger screen, higher res., and a little more speed.

    • Answered by Leonard H from North East
    • 6-Jun-2011