Is the Macbook Air good enough for light gaming/heavy use?

I've looked at all the reiterations of the question I'm asking on the forums, but while they have given me a better image of the MBA I'd still like to ask a more tailored question. I'm in high school right now, planning on going to university soon after graduation, and I do some gaming (Minecraft) and use computers a lot.

Would a MBA with 8 gigs ram and i7 work for this? Or is a retina MBP required to get good gaming/internet surfing/etc?

Price is definitely an issue for me but I've found the i7 MBA w/8gigs ram is already $1 550, which seems quite a lot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

-As a side note, would a MBA be good enough to host a small server sometimes, or would that be asking too much of the laptop? ;)

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