Is the MacBook Air Suitable for a Graphic Design Major?

Will the MacBook work just fine for me if I pursue this major? I would like the air for its convenience as I would be bringing it with me everywhere I go but can it handle it all? I've heard of photoshop running just fine on it and it being able to hold its own...

MacBook Air base model 13" with 8GB of RAM and the 3 year Apple Protection Plan - -$1500


MacBoook Air 13" with 8GB RAM and upgraded 2.0GHz Intel Dual-Core Core i7 and 3 year Apple Protection Plan - $1900....

Any information would be nice, thanks.

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    For 400 dollars, the upgrade is not worth it. Or to put it in better words, not needed. It is a very small increase which will not affect much. Go for the 1500 plan.

    • Answered by Rishi C
    • 25-Jun-2012