Living on an island... please see my list of criteria!

Hello there!

I'm moving to an island and need a Mac that fulfills the following at a MINIMUM...

-2GB ram memory
-100GB hard drive
-Windows XP Professional Operating System (or at least, can I get it for a MAC?)
-CD-RW/DVD Combo drive
-Wireless capability
-Extra battery and power supply
-Microsoft office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) - how can I get these on my Mac?
-Antivirus/spyware protection with an active license
-2 yr international warranty coverage
-Surge protector

Thank you, all help is appreciated!

1 Answer from the Community

  • ... Any single one of them+the AppleCare protection plan... Really... All of them.... You'll need to buy Windows and Office seperately. XP are not supported with new boot camp, so either install an old boot camp version, or get 7/8/Vista instead. The hard drive you might need to pick. but everything else is way above you critira as minimum settings

    • Answered by Casper S
    • 10-Aug-2013