Mac Air as main -desktop- computer, and also will still have to edit Word and Excel docs regularly, Mac Air good idea?

I am thinking of getting a Macbook air 13" cause I travel a lot. But I am thinking of using it as my 'desktop' at home too, by attaching it to a big screen, external keyboard etc.

I have an external hard drive - so storage would not be a problem, but I do need to read and edit Microsoft office - Word and Excel documents quite a lot. Maybe that could be a problem?

Do any of you have any experience with a similar set up?

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    The MacBook air does work for most people for that use. I assume that you will be web browsing to so the MBA does great at that. If all the media you have is in ITunes and you don't need a cd drive then that won't be a problem. Yes, Microsoft work will work great on it but I do recommend that you use Apples Pages, Numbers and Keynote which you will be able to find on the Mac app store, ( don't buy the CD version in a box). But if you need
    More power then the 13 inch MacBook pro will be better at the 100 lower price then the 13 inch MBA.

    • Answered by Drew S from Monarch Beach
    • 8-May-2012