MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for College Student/Small Business Owner?

I'm currently in my last year of business school and intend to switch from PC to Mac, however I'm stuck on which would be the better product both interest me which complicates matters even more. I would be using MS Office alot and quick books pro. For the Air I was considering the 256 SSD with i7 with 8GB Ram. The Pro would be 13" i7 256 SSD, 8GB Ram. My business once operational will be mobile as its in the Transportation industry.

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    Hey Carlton W,

    As you are going into the transportation industry I would do a cost analysis because those computers are identical and if I am not mistaken the Air would be your cheaper option. Being that it is lighter and cheaper I would go with the Air. If you have any more questions business or apple related feel free to contact me!



    • Answered by Matthew R B from Edmonton
    • 16-Jun-2013