MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or Dell/HP ?

I plan on getting the MacBook Air, while still considering MacBook Pro to a certain extend.I have been playing a game on Windows for ages and it use 1024x768 resolution, probably not much graphic power is needed, but I would like to be able to open multiple windows of it.

Do u think MBA would suffice or do u think I should go for MBP?

Well before all that is MBA better at running Windows 7 from BootsCamp than the other Windows 7 based laptops ( looking at Dell & HP as alternatives)?

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    I would go the MBP with superdrive. Anytime you are going with graphics, the MBP's have far more power. I would pick the maxed out processor one with i7, 3.4 gigahertz. And I would max out the memory to the full 8 gigs. And last of all, make sure you have the 7600 hard drive. Fast access is a must. You will do far better with this one than with any other and since it is the newest, it will be the one that will be supported the longest. When the Titanium Powerbook came out, I got that one and never regretted getting it. And I made sure of the fastest inside parts. It has just this year become totally obsolete, but it did everything I could have wanted it to. I ran virtual PC when it was supported on my ti-book and win98 ran better on the Mac than on a windows machine. So when I get my next computer (when I have the money), the above is what I will get, along with Parallel Desktop program. I won't get the MBP with the best screen since it doesn't come with an internal superdrive. All of this taken together should let you have a better playing time than anything you can get on a made for windows machine. And you'll have a lot less conflict in windows on a Mac. At least that has been my experience. And I take internal superdrives over weight. So this is my suggestion and I don't think you will regret it.

    • Answered by Timothy K from Fort Worth
    • 14-Jul-2012
  • If you're looking to do any gaming on your Mac, the 13" MBP and MBA have the same integrated graphics. The 15" MBP has dedicated graphics. My personal recommendation would be to buy a 15" MBP if you plan to dual-boot Windows and game on the machine. I did in 2010 and am very satisfied.

    • Answered by Robert K from Debary
    • 20-Jun-2012