MacBook Air Vs. Macbook Pro- 13"

I'm a stay-at-home and need a laptop to store picture, check my e-mails. Also, kids can do any project on the laptop. Which one would you recommend: 13" MAcBook Air or Pro?

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    I have had both and my last purchase is the Macbook pro retina display. I originally purchased the 15inch but it was just to bulky for me so I returned it for the 13inch retina macbook. While the air is a nice machine there is something about the pro that just feels better. The display on the retina is amazing, the flash storage, ssd is very fast. If you need an optical drive they still make a macbook pro original that has that but you can always pick up a usb superdrive for that. The pro just feels stronger, as you mentioned kids, you may want to check into the original macbook. As for my opinion you just cant beat the macbook pro retina, you pay more, but its one of those things that you get what you pay for. Is this your first Mac. The reason I am asking is that you said stay at home, so I was wondering if you have looked at the iMac. Which ever you choose you will not be disappointed. I had always been a pc user but once I went Mac, I never looked back and will never use anything but a Mac....

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • 6-May-2013
  • If the choice is between these two (hoping you have looked at iMac and ruled it out), then only factor between the two is Money !

    If your usage is basic and not a high end, then I would suggest air. I used it for one year. I switched to 13" Macbook pro retina , as the design is superb and the newest version is "almost" as light ! Cost was obviously higher ! But the display is just worth it !

    • Answered by Anup K from Cary
    • 7-Feb-2013