Macbook pro 13 inch or 15 inch??

I'm currently a windows user and I haven't had time to head over to the apple store for personal insight so I'm highly curious. I'm going to purchase a new macbook pro soon but here is my concern. I'm a sophomore college student and honestly, I'm not using it for any advanced stuff (yet). So should I get the 13 in or 15 in?

What I mainly do is:
Web surf
Streaming videos (youtube)
All of the office documents (word, excel, powerpoint, etc)

And what I definitely want is a fast processor in which I may not have to worry about because of the little uses I have for it (listed above).

I definitely know that the MBP 13 inch does that but I REALLY want a bigger screen size because I may think the 13 inch is too small. I currently have a 17 inch HP g7 model and I think a little smaller screen would be perfect for me to actually take it out. Is it really worth the extra $500 for a bigger screen? I'm sure the 15 inch has some extra specs that I'll get to learn soon. But remember, I'm only using for the basics for it until I actually do some "heavy duty stuff" on the laptop but I want a larger screen. Help!

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    For you the 13" Macbook Pro would be the best choice. It will do everything you want to use it for. If you are going to play COD or other 3D rendering games, or you want to do extensive (like Final Cut Pro extensive) movie editing, then you'll want one of the 15" Models. If you just want more screen real estate, get an external monitor. The Macbook Pro drives that huge 27 apple monitor so it ought to handle any smaller one with ease.

    • Answered by Glenn G from New Windsor
    • 18-Nov-2011
  • I own both laptops and here is what I came up with:

    Mac Book Pro 15-inch:

    Ram can be upgraded to 8 gig or 16 gig
    i7 Processor has 8 cores instead of 4 cores
    Comes with 512 to 1 Gig DDR 5 Video Ram (Means multiple games can be played all at high graphics quality)
    Can hook up to a large screen and and do video editing, photoshop, 3d rendering just fine
    Can play games fine on window bootcamp with no graphics glitches at all
    Can play multiple games on mac side just fine at high graphics
    Very easy to do graphics on with larger screen without having to hook it up to a larger monitor which it also can do. It's laptop screen is a higher quality screen than 13 inch making detailed things a lot easier to see
    About two pounds heavier to carrier around

    Mac Book Pro 13-inch:

    Ram can be upgraded to 8 gig or 16 gig (8 gig increases video ram, 16 gig does not but allows you to open multiple programs at once)
    i7 Processor has 4 cores instead of 8 cores (Still runs fast)
    Comes with 384 MB Intel Motherboard Video Ram (Not as good as Dedicated Video Card, Runs one to two games at once at medium graphics, any more at the same time lags it as opposed to the 15 inch, more ram makes the games play better but you still can only play one to two games at once even with 16 gigs ram)
    Can hook up to a large screen and and do video editing, photoshop, 3d rendering just fine
    Can play games fine on window bootcamp with minor graphics glitches sometimes
    Can play games on mac side just fine at medium graphics
    Harder to do graphics on and work with external panels in flash programs etc when not hooked up to a external bigger monitor, but still workable
    The 13 inch screen is kind of dark and hard to see compared to the 15 inch but still is workable
    Super easy and light weight to carry around with you

    The only thing really slowing down the 13-inch is the gaming performance (however if you like medium settings on games it runs just fine)

    • Answered by Darin M from Orem
    • 21-Sep-2012