Macbook Pro 13 inch or Macbook Air 13 inch

I want a Macbook but I don't know which one to get. On my Mac I want to
Surf the web
E-mail poeple
Use all the office documents(e.g. word, powerpoint,excel)
Store all my songs photos etc on it
Watch some movies on it but not that many
I also want the lastest software on it like OS X Mountain Lion on it and the upgrades to that.
I won't play many games on it so I am not worried about graphics.
So as you can see i want to do the basics.
I would prefer the Macbook Air but i was wondering if it would have enough space on it, would it? I would aslo like it to quite portable but that is not a big concern.
What Laptop would you recommend?

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    I've had everything Mac has to offer. My uses are about like yours, with the addition of using a dictation/transcription program. I also do some streaming of movies & such. While I have a big desktop iMac, a couple of 15 inch Macbooks and a couple of iPads, I find I use the 13 inch Air much more than any of the others.

    It's the ultimate in portability (just as good as an iPad), unobtrusive on my desk at work (where the Microsoft darkside holds sway), and the external CD drive works great. It's by no means necessary with all the developers who let you download their software directly, but I just like having the CD/DVD option.

    Anyway, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you spring for the Air. I haven't been.

    • Answered by Kay J from Port Orchard
    • 27-Oct-2012
  • Well. You didn't say anything about budget, but you said you preferred the Air. If space is a concern, get a 256GB MacBook Air with 8GB RAM for $1,600.

    • Answered by Carlos V from Nonthaburi
    • 7-Jul-2012
  • It will do fine. If you need extra space for music or movies. You can buy an external hard drive with thunderbolt, USB3.0 to store it and access it at high speeds. If you were to go with the Macbook pro simply for hard drive capacity the larger HDD are slower compared to the SSD.

    I'd recommend you get a Macbook Air, if you can spring for it, you might want to get a 256GB SSD. But if not you can still get USB drives that will work fast with your AIR.

    • Answered by Liam L from Ettalong Beach
    • 23-Nov-2012
  • Get the new mac book pro with retina. It's almost as light as the air and comes with 8 ram and 256 ssd.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • 25-Mar-2013