Macbook Pro 2012 enough to handle Modo, Photoshop, and zbrush?

Hi I was wondering can the Macbook Pro 2012 with upgraded 16gb rams with the High-res glossy upgrade enough to handle Modo/Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush. This is the 2.3ghz with the 512mb video card. I'm planning on using this for College as i'm an Art major and I need a laptop that can Handle all three of those software and maybe even other 3D rendering programs. This Laptop is design as a workstation and not for gaming. So I was wondering with the spec I have will it be enough. Please don't get all technical on me as i'm new to Macs. Also this wont be doing any Video Editing at all and i might upgrade the main HDD into a SSD in the future. Thanks in advance and i'm simply buying a Mac so that i can use both Mac and PC in my field. I have a powerful PC desktop at home.

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  • I'm quite sure it will work just fine. I tested some of those programs on my Macbook Pro Retina 2013, but it has already a SSD drive as default.

    What will make a big difference it is a SSD drive. Mine works almost 4 times faster than any other Serial ATA internal drive.

    If you have that money to spend, then it's the best buy you can get IMO.

    • Answered by Alberto T from Firenze
    • 13-Apr-2014