Macbook Pro, Graphics students?

Hi, for my birthday i'm getting my dad's old black macbook pro. Getting it from him means I get it free and otherwise I would have to save up for a very long time. I'm studying art but will be going on to study Graphic Design next year. I'm wondering if it's worth saving up for a new macbook (and if so which one) or staying with my dad's. It's in good coniditon, 13inch and according to him it's quite powerful.
My main issue is storage space. At the moment my iTunes takes up about 24GB, I don't play lots of games but I do like Bioshock, Portal and Sims 3 which are currently taking up way too much room on my pc, plus I work mainly in photoshop which takes up my room also. Will the macbook be able to do this, and how is it for Graphics ing general? Thanks

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