What does a flashing folder mean

Upon turning Mac on there is a folder with a flashing ? Mark.

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  • It means your computer cannot find a bootable Software folder meaning Hardrive with OSX installed, a network drive with OSX installed.

    Usually your system starts and an Apple icon appears up on the screen that means the OSX folder or HD has been found and is now reading and loading it into RAM

    It means your OSX boot drive has become corrupt

    You might need to restart holding the Shift key
    Or Option key

    Or Spacebar

    Depending upon which Mac computer you have

    If it's new

    Shift I think should open up all possible solutions. To get access to disk utility that will help you repair permissions , see if you can fix the disk , or have to delete or format and reinstall OSX and start from scratch

    Most likely if you are smart all your data is backed up to iCloud or another backup drive so installation can be resynced or restored from a previous version

    I hope this helps I could be off on some things that a higher level tech might walk you through
    But I wanted to just answer your question because getting an answer by anyone helps when you are waiting twiddling your thumbs
    Good luck
    But if you have a problem you may need to install a system disk (or USB drive ) with installer or clone of your previous current system to get a

    • Answered by James M from Culver City
    • 4-Sep-2016