What is the difference between the Macbook and the 13" Macbook Pro?

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    Functionally the two are just the same machine, with the same CPU (Core 2 Duo) at the entry level, same number of USB ports, mini-displayport, and the optical drive.

    The $200 difference stems from the following:
    a) The Macbook Pro has an aluminum unibody frame, the Macbook has a white plastic unibody frame.
    b) The Macbook Pro has the additional features of a built-in SD card reader, Firewire 800 port, backlit keyboard, and a better screen.
    c) The Macbook has a base entirely of rubber to avoid slippage.
    d) The Macbook is officially rated with a maximum memory limit of 4GB while the Macbook Pro is rated for 8GB. However, real-world tests reveal that the Macbook can take in 8GB of RAM too.
    e) The Macbook has more hard disk space compared to the entry-level configuration of the Macbook Pro

    Either of them will do just fine. It all boils down to your budget and your needs: e.g. if you don't need Firewire support the Macbook will do.

    • Answered by Paolo Alexis F from Quezon City
    • 21-Oct-2010
  • the MacBook Pro has an anodised aluminium casing, higher quality screen, 4GB RAM - as opposed to 2, FireWire 800 Port, SDHC slot, IR Port, Backlit Keyboard, is lighter, is thinner looks better.. etc.

    • Answered by Joseph H from Worcester
    • 23-Oct-2010