What mac laptop should I get?

I will be an architectural student this fall, so I will have to use auto cad and Google Sketchup, and also run Microsoft Word and Mozilla Firefox at the same time, with only a small decrease in speed, at the minimum. I do travel often, so it will also need to be portable. (sorry if this is long-winded) Please take into consideration the new MacBook Pro models. (early 2011)

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    Im a first year architecture student and to be honest we didn't neet computers at all! Everything had to be hand-drawn! Talking to the other years the 'big changeover' is between 2nd and 3rd year! So if you can wait until then do!

    But the Macbook Pro's seem to be the best choice for autocad and photoshop. especially the 15" and 17" models! Most of our lectures' use Macs' aswell!

    • Answered by Thomas M from Los Angeles
    • 5-Jun-2011