whats the difference between a 500GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm and 128GB Solid State Drive

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    The 500GB hard drive is a replaceable one with a disk connected which spins at 5400 revs per minute (pretty slow compared to others) the slower it spins, the slower it reads data. (You would notice when turning it on or opening certain applications). The 128GB SSD is like a usb drive a.k.a thumb or pen drive in that it is accessed faster and doesnt need a disk to be read. Unlike a thumb drive though, the 128GB SSD drive is closer to the processor and as its built-in and is accessed even faster. If I had to choose between the 2 though i would go the 500 as 128 is simply not enough. Despite the fact the new ssd drives are a completely new and improved design, unless your willing to pay the extra for a 500GB SSD then it comes down to wether you prefer speed or space.

    • Answered by Tom R from Malua Bay
    • 4-Sep-2013
  • Solid state drive is faster but 372 GB smaller.

    • Answered by Keith B from Ringwood
    • 22-Jun-2014