Which 13 inch Macbook Pro?

I am looking to buy my first macbook, and I want good processing. I do a lot of internet surfing and documenting, along with mulitudes of other stuff... And I'm on a budget so I cant be too spendy. I watch a LOT of downloaded movies and have a lot of songs. So basicly I would like to know what amount of ram, what amount of GHz, what core, and what hard drive to get. Any answers in the future, I thank you.

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    From what you have described I would recommend the 13" Macbook Pro with 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 with the 750Gb hard drive option. Here is why, it will be much cheaper than the retina macbook pro and with far more hard drive space as the retina only has 128 Gb standard. Next you will also be able to upgrade the non retina macbook pro in the future if needed while the retina MBP is non upgradable, its how you get it from the factory. The Solid state drive in the rMBP is not worth it for what you do and the added speed is not a dealbreaker for what you will use your new laptop for. Hopefully this helps you make your decision.

    • Answered by Demarcus P
    • 16-May-2013