Which Mac Book Pro should I buy

I will be starting university in September and have looked around at several laptop options. I finally decided on the Mac Book Pro but since Apple have announced the new MBP with Retina display, I am unsure which model to by.

I will be studying accounting and finance for four years and will be using the Mac Book for my uni work, web browsing, emails, gaming, chatting to friends etc.

I would prefer a 15" model and I am hoping to get the educational discount.

So which model do you recommend for my needs & any recommended software for my accounting course?

1 Answer from the Community

  • Since gaming is on your list the 15" is most likely the best choice. Although the 13" has an improved intel HD4000 video card, it still does not compete with the dedicated video cards found in the 15" model.


    • Answered by Curt H from Arvada
    • 4-Jul-2012