Which Macbook would best suit my needs?

I am a student currently going to study criminology in the fall. I will most likely be doing many power-points, as well as essay's. I currently have a Macbook Pro retina, but the battery on it will not be enough for my daily needs.

I currently use my Macbook Pro to watch Netflix, music, and school-related work. I like the SSD since I have bad luck with hard drives, (I previously had a Macbook Pro and the harddrive failed numerous times).

Would the new Macbook Air 13' (2013) or a custom Macbook Pro with an SSD be best for my needs?

Any help is appreciated!

1 Answer from the Community

  • I would suggest you consider the 13" MacBook Air. The MacBook Air's battery lasts much longer than your current rMBP; Apple estimates the Air at 12 hours. A custom MacBook Pro has the same battery life as your current rMBP, so getting a custom MacBook Pro doesn't help your battery concern.

    For what you described (PPTs, essays, videos, music, school work) a MacBook Air should suit your needs fine and would last a few years. I would also suggest upgrading the RAM to 8GB, as the RAM is not user-upgradable, and just 4GB may not serve you well in terms of "future-proofing".

    • Answered by David W from Cupertino
    • 6-Jul-2013