Which macbooks are good in gaming?

Which macbooks can be use as everyday laptop and for some gaming throughout the day? I prefer lighter laptop, but I don't know whether macbook air (mid 2012) is good for gaming or not. Considering the specs itself. So I looked up onto retina 13inch (late 2012), but it uses Intel HD 4000 which I don't really knows its performance for gaming. Retina 15inch is quite big so it's not as portable as macbook air or retina 13inch. So what I need is something like quick comparison between macbooks performance that include macbook air 13inch and macbook pro retina for both 13 and 15 inch. Thanks in advance

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    The macbook pro retina 15" has the latest 650m 1Gb graphics card built in which will play games like left4dead/battlefield 3/call of duty on a high setting with a decent fps :) the Intel HD4000 is really only for standard everyday use. If you want to game on a macbook you're gonna need to get the 15" retina, or play games in a lower quality to ensure a good FPS.

    • Answered by Aled R
    • 23-Apr-2013