Which of the Macbooks has the longest battery life?

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    The 13" 2.4Ghz Macbook Pro has the potential for the best battery life. The slower processor requires less energy to run. They also have the edge over the Macbooks because they can be fitted with a Solid-State drive that uses less energy with no moving parts. As everyone else has stated: screen brightness, being connected to wifi, multi-tasking etc. all vary the amount of time you can run for un-plugged.

    • Answered by Brad P from Thamesford
    • 5-Dec-2010
  • They all have great battery life...
    What determines battery life? what applications are used...
    Video uses up the most, editing, (video) and photography is the most processor intense thing you can do on a computer, therefore using up a lot of battery.
    For you r normal email and posting stuff? you will probably be good all day.
    Also putting your screen in screen saver mode when not in use will extend your battery life.
    Apple notebooks are so good you almost don't need a desktop.
    Price is the only issue, bigger, faster, more ram, solid state drives are a great add-on for a notebook, (no moving parts).


    • Answered by Paul P from Santa Ana
    • 6-Oct-2010
  • The laptop batteries vary slightly but it really depends on what you're doing. If you are casually browsing the internet with the brightness on the computer about halfway up you'll probably get a solid few hours. But if you're editing video in iMovie or photos in iPhoto while checking email and listening to music it obviously won't last as long. Apple has some great information on how to maximize your battery life on the laptop pages of the store.

    • Answered by Keith S from Charleston
    • 10-Oct-2010