Which one is better for me? MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

I am trying to decide between the 13 inch MBP or MBA . I use it primarily for research online and storing resources- I am a school teacher; web browsing and photosharing, I have hundreds of photos and videos of grandchildren and expect to be adding more. I also use the computer for watching movies (Netflix), e-mail, creating word documents, and PDF documents.
I currently have a Mac that is very outdated(5 1/2 years old) and an iPad2.

How do I decide how much memory, etc I should get?

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    For you, I would recommend the MacBook Air 13 inch 256 gB. Here is my reasoning. The MacBook Air is the best for everyday use (such as keeping photos, browsing the web, etc.), it is the lightest, and the cheapest. I doubt that you would use more than 256 gB, however if you think that you might, go for the extra memory, going up to 512 gB for an extra $300 (I wouldn't recommend 128 gB just because it would be too easy to fill). Everything else that you could get just makes it faster, (with a few exceptions, however the exceptions I would DEFINITELY not recommend) and, from your description, there is no need for. There are only a few reasons why you would want a MacBook Pro, and that is for photo/video editing (photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc.), Music making (garage band etc.), or gaming, (the bigger games in general). None of these are mentioned in your description, so, getting a Pro would be a waste of money.

    All together, if you get what I said, it would end up being $1,199, without the extra memory, and without warranty (I would recommend the warranty, however)

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Alexander S from East Aurora
    • 23-Jun-2014
  • I would think a MacBook Air 13 inch and the largest memory if you are going to have lots of photos , the MacBook Pro is only for photography's and video editing and Heavy tasks , get a MacBook Air or even an iMac if your keeping it in the one place :)

    • Answered by Jay S
    • 3-Jul-2014
  • Depends on how you plan your future use long term..
    For me 1TB of hard disk space is bare bones minimum anymore, Unfortunately Flash Drives in that range are cost prohibitive. I have over 120GB filled up already and I have had my computer 6 weeks!
    I am a photographer and love music with me so storage is important to me. Go with the Air and 1 TB of hard drive storage...8 GB ram is nice too if you can swing it as well. I agree with getting the protection plan with all your travel you'll be doing.

    • Answered by Scott H from Arlington
    • 13-Oct-2014
  • You seem to want to do the same as me, after a lot of research I worked out the MacBook Air was better suited, so go for that any day, I did, it is a dream to use, and if you want more storage for your photos backup, like I did, I got a 1TB external drive, but the 256Gb storage should be adequate for a normal family amount of photos! I've loaded up all my old albums and it hasn't used it up yet!! All my mates say that they want the Macbook Air for the next birthday, none of them have Apple right now! Go for the 256, I'd say. Hope that helps a bit.

    • Answered by Kim L
    • 22-Apr-2015