Which size MacBook Pro should I buy?

Hi, I'm currently looking to get a new laptop and am leaning towards purchasing a MacBook based on great recommendations from friends and am aware that the build quality, longevity etc is second to none.

My choice seems to be coming down to whether to go for the 13" or the 15" MacBook Pro. I will be using the laptop for University mainly, I do an Automotive Engineering degree so there's a possibility that there will be the need to also boot Windows in order to do some CAD. Other than that, most tasks will be pretty basic, although I do occasionally like to play games, or have done in the past, but wouldn't expect to be playing everything on ultra high settings or on a daily basis.

The possible CAD and occasional gaming requirements make me question whether the 13" would suffer from the lack of dedicated graphics card, obviously the price difference is pretty large and if spending this kind of money I'll want something that will last a good few years!

Help and opinions would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!

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    I just got myself a 13inch screen mac book pro. :)
    I chose that size since I will want to take my mac with me to places and 15inch is not so convenient to carry:) The 13inch screen is still quite big and nice to watch movies on and work on;)

    • Answered by Aiste L
    • 15-Jan-2013