Which to buy -13 inch MacBook Pro retina or 15 inch retina

I am confused which MacBook Pro retina to buy ,I mainly use my laptop for basic tasks such as email,YouTube videos,gaming such as call of duty etc.

My old laptop takes 2 minutes to load a YouTube videoI need my MacBook for the fastest Internet ,please reply ASAP

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    I currently have the use of both retina MacBook's. I was given the 15 by my company and the 13 came up on Groupon at a bargain price that I couldn't see past. My intention was to evaluate them and sell one or the other.

    I use all the standard apps, and the most intensive stuff I use is Aperture 3 and PSE. I can honestly say the i5 in the 13 has handled everything I have thrown at it with ease with no noticeable lag in any environment.

    For my uses the 13 is more than adequate, and it is a lot easier for carrying round. Until they put a retina screen in the 11' Air, this is about the best mobile computer available.

    I've not even noticed any lag from only having 8gb ram in the 13 instead of the 16gb in the 15.

    For you though, the gaming maybe an issue. I don't have any games to run and test for you. The hd4000 is far superior to the hd3000 I last used on a 13 Pro, and I imagine for most games on medium settings it would be fine. But if you want that top notch graphics performance, you're going to need a top notch (and dedicated) GPU.

    So in short, the 13 is just about the perfect laptop for most things, but the 15 is an out and out desktop replacement.

    • Answered by Dean J from Nottingham
    • 13-Apr-2013