Will the current MacBook Pro with retina support 802.11ac? Can it be upgraded? And does it really matter if I just running with 802.11n?

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    I just bought Macbook pro and it supports 802.11ac.
    Click on about this mac then click on more info then click on wifi. It will give you a list on the right what it supports in the phy mode.

    • Answered by Doug H from San Diego
    • 26-Nov-2013
  • For macs that do not have 802.11ac, you can get a USB 80211ac upgrade kit like the bearextender turbo.

    • Answered by Randy K from Oakland
    • 4-Jan-2014
  • Unfortunately the current Macbook Pro Retina does not support 802.11 ac and I am not sure if a software update from apple will be able to fix that later on. Due to the way the MBP Retina's are manufactured I don't believe there are or will be any third-party hardware upgrades available for the current MBP retina's to get 802.11ac. The benefits of 802.11ac would only show if you had a 802.11ac router, and either had 1 Gbps internet speeds from your ISP or needed the speed for transferring extremely large files within your network. For average users 802.11 n is more than enough speed. Their should hopefully be a refresh coming up for the MBP Retina like with the new Macbook Airs that support 802.11 ac and hopefully better battery life. I hope this information answers all of your questions.

    • Answered by Kyle H from Norton
    • 19-Jul-2013