What style of music is best to record with the Apogee MiC?

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone

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    You can record any style of music with the MiC. Any sound source will work just fine. Might be a little better suited towards vocals and acoustic instruments, but I've recorded electric guitars and drumkits with it.

  • In my option, best use is acoustical;

    including acoustic guitar, voice, piano, flute, exc...

    It will handle louder sources from a distance with great clarity. Keep it away from 'harsh' pressure sources such as, close to a drum, example, don't put this mic 'in' a horn.

    MiC works a few feet back from a loud source,

    MiC is a sensitive condenser microphone.

    If one gets it too close to a high pressure source this type of microphone might 'break'. It will generically recored sound sources with high clarity.

    For example, I recored a live guitar amp, from 'feet' back, on clean lower / medium volume. Via GarageBand.

    Experimentation is key to finding tone. .. this mic is sensitive.

    Sounds great.

    Acoustically recording, this mic sounds clean. Keep in mind it is a condenser microphone and is generally really really sensitive. It can overload easily. It has an adjustment knob that works well, be realistic.

    This type of mic, in my option, is best for delicate sound sources.