What type of cable is needed to connect my iPod shuffle 3G to my car (2010 Corolla) stereo system

My sons gave me an iPod shuffle 2 GB 3G when I purchased my new 2010 Corolla. How can I connect my iPod shuffle to the car stereo system. I tried conneting the USB cable which came with the iPod to the USB port in the car stereo but the system would not recognise it. What kind of cable do I need and where can I get it?

  • Asked by fn from Carine
Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

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  • If your corolla has an auxiliary (headphone) jack, then just find one that has that has the same input on either sides (similar to speakers connecting to a computer's earphones input) and you are set. If not, then you could get a cassette tape that has a headphone jack attached to it. Here is one i found: Monster iCarPlay Cassette 800 for iPhone and iPod

    • Answered by Justin A from East Otis