what version of snow leopard is on the DVD?

is it 10.6.0 or 10.6.8?

Will it boot all Snow Leopard capable Macs?

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    On this retail DVD, it's neither. This DVD has 10.6.3.

  • Strictly speaking, Kevin C's answer is the more correct. According to the Apple Store (IRL) February 2015, SL install disks are version 10.6.3 since this was the final most stable 'major' version released. Once 10.6.3 has been installed the additional updates to 10.6.8 are provided via Software Update.

  • 10.6.8

  • The Snow Leopard install DVD sold by Apple is 10.6.3.
    It will NOT install on all Snow Leopard capable Macs ... specifically, it will not install on my MacBook Pro 8,2 (early 2011) which originally shipped with 10.6.6