When using with the iPhone 5 (or other iPhone) does the mic noise cancellation still work for the audio sent to the person I'm calling?

I have sound isolating earbuds meant for the iPhone from RHA and every time I put them in my friends on the other end of the call tell me the noise level goes up. I can hear better with these ear buds, but the built in noise cancellation with the iPhone 5 no longer works.

Do these ear buds from Apple work with the built-in noise cancellation? Not for the audio I will hear, but for the audio from my voice picked up on the earbud mic that will be sent to my friends.

  • Asked by fn from Greer
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    I guess the mic is not noise cancelling (isolating) but the best solution for you is to put the mic closer to your mouth and and cover the other180 degrees

    • Answered by Daniel H from Brisbane