will the lightening 30 pin adapter work with my bose dock?

  • Asked by fn from Chiswick
  • Asked about:  Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

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    No, but there is an adapter you can buy that will fit the two together. Bose has just come out with the new docks for the new speedier connector.

    • Answered by Susan G from Frisco
  • Yes, but it will only charge. I have a Bose Sounddock 2 and the audio will not play with this adaptor plugged into my iPhone 5.
    Since the iPhone 5 has the headphone plug in the bottom you can't use the aux jack and charge.
    I just bought the new Bose Sounddock 3 and it was the best solution.

    • Answered by Eric R from New Dundee
  • It works with a sonos dock; it should work with a Bose dock.

    • Answered by Charles G L from Macungie