Will this fit a MacBook Pro 13-inch, Late 2011?

Decoded Slim Sleeve

Decoded Slim Sleeve

Product No Longer Available

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    Doesn't fit on my MB Pro 13" Mid-2012 (non-retina)

  • From the decoded website....

    The Slim Sleeve for Macbook will fit the following mac books only

    MacBook Air 11-inch
    MacBook Air / Pro (Retina) 13-inch
    MacBook Air / Pro (Retina) 15-inch

  • It doesn't fit my new Macbook Pro 13 inch.

  • Can't say about late 2011 MacBook pro 13-inch. However, to follow up on answer about macBook Pro with retina display, it is quite loose fitting. Actually, it fits my trusty old 13-inch MacBook Aluminium Unibody (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) very tightly and in my opinion, this would be the biggest computer this sleeve could possibly fit (from original spec. Height: 0.95 inches, Width: 12.78 inches, Depth: 8.94 inches).

    It would remain to see if using it with the macbook will diminish it's lifespan in the long run; I do not think so.

  • Could squeeze my macbook pro non-retina 13 Inch in, but I'm not sure if it will damage the sleeve. Any advice?