Will this work with my old macbook. the late 2008. it has the original mag safe. my macbook is the 2.4 ghz with 250gb hard drive.

will it work or do i have to order the same one from somewhere else?

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    Specifics: I have a late 2008 15" unibody macbook pro with a 2.4 Ghz processor (MacBookPro5,1, or MB470LL/A).
    This model originally came with a white magsafe adaptor so I too was concerned about this new silver adaptor.

    1) The sales assistant at the Apple Store said it would work.

    2) It appears to work just fine with this computer.

    3) These Q&A forums have both yes and no answers, possibly some folks have communication problems or aren't thinking very hard.

    4) Apple: it's called a product compatibility matrix combined with a solid model number system. Knock it off with the secrets and guessing games!