Will this work with the apogee jam?

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes. Works absolutely fine on my iPad Mini Retina Display with the adapter. No firmware nor anything else required.

  • A bit late tot he party on this I know.
    I just bought an apogee jam for use with my Ipad 4.

    A lot of the jams are shipped with out of date firmware (liek mine) this means it will NOT work with the Ipad 4 evenm with the adapter.

    There is a firmware update availabel but it must eb done on a MAc, it cant be done on your ipad or on a PC.

    If you are like me and know nobody with a Mac (even amongst 400+ facebook friends, and 800+ local musicians) then it's going to cost you money to get this done.

    The Apple store WILL NOT help with this, they say they cannot install the softwware onthe in store Macs.

    Save yourself the hassle. But an Ipad 4 ready interface like the IRIG HD. Or Apogee One Ipad.

  • Yes. My Apogee Jam works perfectly using Jamup Pro XT on my iPad4