Would this work with my Onkyo dock? It has a 30 pin connector built into it.

There's a built in 30-pin connector on my Onkyo universal dock. I'd like to make sure this would be compatible if I plugged my iPhone 5 into it. I've tried "wires" before, although didn't work.

  • Asked by fn from Coatesville
Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

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    Yes and no. Yes, you will get analog audio out to your Onkyo dock. No, you will not get the same fidelity you had before. The lightning to 30 pin adapter contains it's own DAC. If you are using your Onkyo dock to get digital audio out of your iPhone to a high quality DAC, the DAC inside the adapter is in the way.

    • Answered by Joseph H from Glen Ellyn
  • Just connected my iPhone 6 Plus (128Gb) to the 1st generation 30-pin Onkyo model UP A1. Using the Apple connector it raised the iPhone up just high enough to clear the the sides of the docking base. Granted, care has to be taken as it sits without much support. However, it to works just fine. Don't know about duelling DAC's inside the Onkyo and Apple connector as somebody mentioned. ?? Only know that I can access my Sirius satellite account through the app and listen to satellite radio and also any of my iPhone music. It works and charges the phone too. As a footnote, this little Apple connector has worked on all my 30-pin peripherals. :))

    • Answered by Rod K. D from Kamloops