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    MacBook Pro slides off

    My MacBook Pro continually slides off the stand. Originally I thought it was because I had the heavier 15", but even the brand new 13" MacBook Pro has started doing it.

    I've come back to find my $4000 laptop on the floor. Not cool.

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    Easily Snapped

    Just purchased this, and followed the assembly instructions provided. Unfortunately, both sections of the stand shattered into several very sharp pieces and flew everywhere trying to get the top section to lock together. I'm still finding little sharp bits in my carpet after it practically exploded in my hands. It also says that it's not meant to be disassembled which would be very inconvient for someone wishing to use it in multiple locations. Spend the money on something that is made with better quality materials-especially when it's meant to support such an expensive computer.

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    It breaks

    This breaks. Really.
    The first minute I received the package and opened it, I was really happy.
    Pure design. Such build. All beauty.

    The second minute I tried assembling the product, I was devastated.
    It just cracked and broke. I was shocked.
    I am reaching the hotline now, but I had to write this review as I am so furious at this product.