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    Incredible Look, feel, and protection

    I just purchased my first ever laptop, my mac book pro. Being a uni student, I needed a case that would basically be able to survive uni. Yes the case is expensive, but not as expensive as repairs on a damaged computer. When I first put the bottom shell on it felt like it didn't fit properly, on closer examination I realised it hadn't completely clipped on (operator error) as soon as I gave every edge another final squeeze (include along the seam where the screen meets the base) it fit like an absolute glove. I love the velvet touch feel of it and the rubber feet on the base to hold the computer steady. Its not bulky and incredibly stream line and doesn't detract from the laptop what so ever, I actually think my mac looks better with the case. Most importantly the case provides incredible protection!! It has been surviving 3 hours of public transport and university every day in my back pack without a problem. If I could say just one thing, it is that its 110% worth the price. If you are serious about wanting to protect your computer this is the case for you. Yes it may be pricey but its worth every cent & much cheaper than what repairs would be.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fits Really Nice

    Fits really nice on my computer. The case edges don't rub my wrists but still protects the computers edges from dings. Sticky bottom keeps it from sliding. It feels really solid. Just snap it on and go! I purchased the clear case, you can still see the apple logo it just makes it look a little foggy. It's totally worth the protection for the price in my opinion.

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    Everything that they promised

    Once again, another fantastic product from the folks at Tech 21. It is everything that it was described as. I ordered this a few months ago when I bought my new baby. I wanted to keep it protected as much as I could with my on the go lifestyle. It has done very well at that. The exterior of the case has a matte rubberized feel. The inside is a cushy rubber that protects the laptop from shock. If you get this, you won't be disappointed. It's well worth every penny.

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    Worth every penny!

    This is the best quality case I've bought for my MBPR; the soft touch feel is sublime and the Impactology reinforcement is like no other - great all round protection (even for the curved corners). It doesn't add too much bulk at all, and the rubber feet let the air intakes work as they should by raising the laptop very slightly from the surface.

    The fit is perfect! Snaps on cleanly and removal doesn't scratch (do this with care). This purchase works well with the £60 gift card offer for students!

    Note: You may have to wait a while to receive it, on my order it said 2 weeks but I actually received mine in exactly 7 days.

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    Fantastic Tech21 Case

    A discreet case with style. It does a job, and it does it well. The price? Well, i'd rather not think about that.

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    Brilliant case for my first MacBook

    Obviously with my first MacBook purchase, I am going to be over cautious about damaging the beautiful machine. I purchased this with my £60 free store card that Apple gave me with Education Pricing. Apart from the poor and almost useless delivery service, provided by UKmail, the snap on case is excellent and fits perfectly. I doubt, however, that I would have brought this if I did not have the store card due to the price being excessive for what it is. I hope it does protect my MBA when and if accidents occur; but overall so far, very happy.

    Delivery and price lost the 5th star [although I'm being picky as I actually got this for free].

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    first of all its quite expensive but u do get some protection as i dropped my mac pro. no damage at all. the velvet feel is awesome and fits perfectly.

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