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    Life proof Frè very disappointing for iPhone 6

    I bought a life proof phone case because I work in the outdoors and it has been seen as 'the make to have'.

    They are good that they let you replace them in the first year if they break.

    However I have just had my third case break!! And now you have to pay to be able to put a claim in.

    For the amount of money you pay for them I do not feel that you should have to pay for due to a error with their case.

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    Shattered my phone in a Lifeproof case

    I am a klutz. I drop my phone at least once a day. I've had my Lifeproof case for 6 months, and never once had any damage issues, until today. I was in a target when I bent down and had my phone fall out of my pocket. It was in the case, so I didn't worry. But an hour later when I finally checked my phone, I found that the screen had completely shattered within the case. When I called lifeproof, they offered to send me a new case for free (to further protect my already destroyed phone) Needless to say, I do not recommend lifeproof cases to anyone- save yourself the money and buy an Otterbox.

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    Does not last

    They changed the the material for the 5s case from that used in the 4s. My 4s case is still like new after 4yrs
    The one for the 5s started to fall apart within a year. The mute button fell apart first then the front rubber started to peel off.

    Not recommend unless they change back to the old material

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    iPhone 5s Case User

    I use this case in day to day life, and I've had it for about half a year now. I have some pros and cons for this case. I'll start with cons, getting to the notification center can be a pain because the case rims over that. Anther con is that it is thick, It's about a centimeter thick. Those are my only complaints. The pros would be that it is waterproof and drop proof. Now don't go dropping it off the Empire State building but it protects from usual drops. I suggest this case for a clumsy person like me.

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    perfect and expensive

    really expensive but it's really protect the mobile from kids and shocks
    any how we have no other solution to buy it :-)

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    Excellent Quality Case

    This is a well designed case and provides full functionality to the iPhone. The cameras work perfectly (under water too). The waterproofing is in a league of its own and I think that it improves the reliability of Touch ID as well. The phone fits perfectly into the case and it holds together very tightly. All the buttons and switches are easy to use and none of the sensors are covered. This case does have one flaw: the microphone and speaker quality does drop noticeably, but it doesn't really matter because all the benefits of this case outweigh the very few flaws. I give it 5 stars

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    Great Product

    I just received my case today and its great. I moved to the nuud from the normal lifeproof case and this case has easier screen interactions. I noticed people have said they have had problems with using Touch ID with this case. I have had no problems using my current ID scans and no problems adding new ones.

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