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    Great Speak but at a price

    I own a number of Airplay speakers, including Loewe, B&W and B&O (A8). Bought the Mu-so 3 months ago and have been using it almost everyday, as it's sound quality is above my expectation and setting up is a piece of cake. Setting up the Loewe and B&W is a pain, particularly that of Loewe which is so user-unfriendly needing to synchronise the speaker with the iMac through LAN. Sound wise, Loewe is comparable to the Mu-so, but I find the sound stage of Mu-so is 'bigger' . B&W Zeppelin delivers good sound stage, particularly for pop music, at less than half the price of Mu-so BUT its Airplay is rather unstable. Look-wise, it's rather personal, I like the sleek industrial design of Mu-so more.
    B&O A9 cost 80% more than the Mu-so, unless you wish to impress your guests with an ultra-modern piece of art, it's not worth it, thus I opted for Mu-so when I was considering buying the A9. I noticed Niam launched the Mu-so last year, went to listen to it at its dealer and bought it without hesitation.
    The reviews I read are rather diverse, some criticising it for its lack of sound stage. Bearing in mind this is only a sound bar, if one looks for sound-stage and separation, one would have bought a pair of dedicated speakers instead of a single sound bar. Sound quality wise, Mu-so is great for a sound-bar of its size. Price although is not cheap, I consider it commsurate with the sound it delivers. Look and design are great. Setting up is a piece of cake and the Air-stream from both my iPhone and iMac has been very stable, the most stable air-play speaker which I now own. The bonus is its wireless internet radio which also delviers great sound and music.
    HK$12K seems a lot for an air-play sound bar, but it's the best airplay speaker which I own amongst Loewe , B&O and B&W.
    One last point on B&W, my pair of B&W MM-1 mini-spearks work great for my iMac, it's not air-play, thus very stable using USB connection. It's good value for $$ for a $3K plus pair of computer speakers. Something I have to commend about B&W is the MM-1.

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    Naim Mu-so Review (Feb 2015) - rating 3/10 hopefully fixable by upgrades

    Naim Mu-so and Naim App problems (Feb 2015) - Rating 3/10

    My Naim Mu-so was delivered yesterday (Feb 2015) from Apple Store. Would love to rave but it is almost impossible to describe how poor the Mu-so sounds with Spotify and other internet sources (very disappointing). The software is also prone to freezing and required multiple restarts within first 24 hours of use when changing sources. To be fair to Naim when Mu-so was used with uncompressed WAV files from imac or high quality internet radio stream (eg Naim Radio) it sounds fine (not amazing) but as a plug and play all in one digital speaker it fails. Naim needs to sort out software, firmware and Naim control app and integration with 3rd party apps (apple Spotify) etc. See review part 2 for details of issues I have raised with Naim Support

    Mu-so Rating
    Hardware: 6/10 sounds (builtin amps and speakers sound OK when working but need ability to adjust sound settings)
    Usability: 2/ 10 all the problems of an external internet / wifi speaker with a poorly constructed app that is prone to switching / freezing
    Total Score: 3/10 (usability weighting 2/3 hardware 1/3)
    (see Review Pt 2 for details of Mu-so & Naim App problems)

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    Awesome sound, easy setup, incredible for the size

    Interesting to read the mixed reviews on this site. My experience so far is just incredibly positive. I bought it to replace a B&W Zeppelin with expectation of more flexibility and even better sound and it exceeds expectations on both. Easy to set up, lovely to use and simply incredible sound.

    (1) Setup. I don't understand difficulties others had. Compared with the obscure setup for Zeppelin (and unreliable switching between sources), the Muso is incredibly easy to setup using a USB cable and iPhone (even before installing the App!). Press a small button on the side of the Mu-so with a pin (provided), it takes the wifi settings from your phone and voila – in seconds working on all sources I threw at it. And the app is great.

    (2) Sound: Again, I don't quite get the negative reviews here, particularly regarding bass. Its only 63x24 cm and 12 cm high. If you take off the front grill, even the largest bass drivers are still small compared with a mid-sized separates system. Simple physics shows you need to move air to make lots of bass, so I didn’t expect a miracle. So considering the size, I was actually quite staggered by the bass, certainly up to moderate (and I mean loud) levels within its range it reaches depths I’ve not heard from much larger 2+1 systems. No, its not Bose acoustimass levels (thank goodness) but unless you want to lift the roof it has a beautiful, crisp and well balanced sound. It is very much more powerful overall than my Zeppelin and completely fills my large living room.

    If you want compact elegance (without cables) and brilliant sound, I thoroughly recommend considering this speaker.

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    What can I say, well the sound was nothing special, a little boxy sounding, build is very good for a naim product thats now made in China, its not worth the price difference over the b&w Zeppelin, and I sent mine back as it went Faulty after two weeks! Same reliability issues with naim.

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