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    Did it burn out my video card?

    I bought one of these about a year ago, thinking it is a way to get higher speed USB on my USB2 iMac 27". It did actually work brilliantly, especially when I added a USB3 hub to allow me to connect several disks. I even bought another to use on a Mac Mini.

    However, after about six months I started to get random disconnects and other odd behaviour. I swapped the hub back to a USB port on the iMac - no more problems. However, I did leave the device plugged in, and after a while connected a single disk to it. There were no apparent problems in the following six months. I even plugged a second one into the second Thunderbolt port.

    Then the video card in my iMac died! It could well have been random, but given the strange behaviour earlier, I am wondering whether the Kanex devices were responsible, eg, drawing too much power and burning out the video card on my iMac? :-(

    In short, it seems a great device, but there appear to be a few problems judging by other reviews and my experience.

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    eSata connection to Vantec 2.5" enclosure fails.

    I was disappointed I can't boot from USB3.
    eSata connection to Vantec USB3/eSata 2.5" enclosure worked for a while then suddenly fails with SSD then with HD.
    So far ok with 3.5" OWC eSata enclosure.

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    Works great with eSATA SSD

    Works great with eSATA SSD, my 2014 iMac with 5400RPM hard drive is extreme slow, and after I move my system to eSATA SSD, it runs blazing fast, also an USB 3.0 UASP SSD works fine too.

    I see there are some people have eSATA connection issue, but thats the issue with your enclosure, not a problem with this adapter. Enclosures have trouble with this adapter also failure on a Windows PC with onboard eSATA connector. Many 2.5" enclosure and their control chip have very bad design and very low permission with their eSATA port, for example Vantec NexStar 6G and Acomdata Tango, both of them need connect the eSATA cable and turn on your computer BEFORE you connect the power cord for the enclosure, otherwise it won't work, that's why some of comment said then have trouble when resume from sleep.

    The only 2.5" enclosure I tested work with this adapter is AZiO ENC211SU31, but all cheaper eSATA+USB to SATA 22Pin cable works fine. The really bad thing is the controller chip in the multi port enclosure, many of them using a complex port enumeration machnism and mess up the eSATA port, especially, Vantec NexStar 6G have a port multiplier which makes SSD recognized as a HDD, and disable the TRIM function. That multiplier also makes many PC motherboards can't boot from that.

    All and all, this Kanex adapter provide really good functionality, but the quality of eSATA enclosure on the market is really hit and miss, if you want a reliable eSATA connection, just go for an adapter cable, don't waste money on that overpriced enclosures.

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    Can't boot off the drive connected through the Kanex adapter.

    I can't boot off the external drive connected through this Kanex adapter to my 2012 iMac (with USB 2.0). I bought this adapter because my internal SSD failed (for the second time) but it's useless as a workaround for that. I just wasted $80.

    I wish I had been warned on the Apple web site where I bought it that it can't be used for this purpose. Yes, this warning is buried on the specs page of the Kanex web site, but it should be prominent in the information page on the vendor page where it's sold. When you buy a product, you don't read the fine print on the manufacturer's specs page on a different web site looking for a warning that it might not perform as expected.

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    Mac mini + osx 10.11.4 my experiance with KTU10 adapter

    I've just bought this adapter and I'm in trouble. I can't seem to make it work properly on my mid-2011 Core i5 2.5GHz usb2-OSX 10.11.4 Mac mini),.
    1. Both an SSD and USB3.0 Flash Drive attached to the USB3.0 port on the adapter give USB2.0 speed read and writes, even though it's through the Thunderbolt port.
    2. The eSATA port (not powered) doesn't show up when I attach a SSD via an eSATA/SATA lead. I attached a USB3.0 powered hub to the Kanex USB3.0 port in the off chance that the hub power might help - but no luck.
    3. I found out in the instructions after I bought the adapter that it can't be used to boot the Mac which is what I really wanted it for.
    Any Help/Comment that could improve the situation would be appreciated.
    1. are there special USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt drivers that need to be loaded? or is OSX 10.11.4 the problem?
    2. are there any eSATA SSD drives that will work?

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    Connected to Apple iMac with Vantec HX4R and worked fine.

    I have a Vantec HX4R (4Bay Drive Enclosure, 2 drives installed, eSata Bus Multiplier) worked fine with USB 2 but would drop its connection with USB 3 when transfering files, tried multiple cables, but just would not work properly with USB on multiple computers. So I ordered this adapter, to give it a try. Connected it up to my iMac and HX4R using a Lacie eSata cable, and the 2 internal drives showed up fine on 1st boot. Copied all files from my 1st Drive in the HX4R to the 2nd Drive (also in the HX4R) and no errors.
    Using a program call SMART Utility all drives were seen as if part of the computers main data bus, and reported as good, which was a pleasant supprise since most external drives are not seen by the SMART Utility.

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    Worked fine for a week, then it would heat up and not connect anylonger

    Got the device on pre-order by Kanex website. Worked fine for about 3 months, which I only used weekly for backups. Then it started disconnecting randomly in the middle of writing/reading hard drives, and damaging its sectors. It would not connect with system restart, it would show nothing was connected on the thunderbolt port. Not even a USB flash drive would connect there. Tried in other macs from friends, different versions of the OSX, and still same thing. Cheap made, expensive adaptor, not worth it at all. So it was a waste of money... Kanex wanted me to send the device back to them (from Brazil) at my own expense! So I sent it to the trash.

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    Had major issues

    I bought this product to get usb 3.0 on 2011 MBA. Plugged it in and it found the adapter just fine. Plugged in my external ssd to usb port worked fine. Configured network and plugged in the network cable and bam. No more external drive. Unplugged network nothing. I plugged in my external usb 2.0 port and it worked but was spotty on recognizing external drives. My external 1tb drive worked sometimes in the usb port. Ethernet worked great but I needed it for usb 3.0. It did not perform or work as I expected. I sent it back. Guess I will try a dock or something else.

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    Works far better than the internal usb ports on my macbook pro. if you're having problems with them being shared with other devices on both ports then this is a great fix. Expensive, and my only concern is that the cable is permanently attached to the adapter and doesn't appear to be of the highest quality

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    A bit pricey but works flawlessly

    Another reviewer was upset that this required Mountain Lion or better - I'm at a loss to see the problem as any machine with Thunderbolt will support Yosemite (10.10) which is - er - free.

    I've had it linked to an eSATA raid array and 2 USB3 external drives (via a hub) running 24/24 on my home server for 6 months without a single issue and the bandwidth is great - even transferring things from the eSATA to the USB.

    If you want faster ports on a pre-USB 3 thunderbolt equipped Mac then buy this (Apple are - amazingly - the cheapest source)

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    Requires Mac OS 10.8.4 or above

    Requires Mac OS 10.8.4 or above - this is not made clear on the AppleStore page.

    On Mac OS 10.7.5 (Lion) eSata works but USB 3 does not. I have returned it for refund.

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    Works like a charm here

    I've had the Kanex Tbolt to USB3-eSATA adapter for three months. It has worked pretty much exactly as I hoped it would, as a way to get USB3 speed and access USB peripherals with older MBPs that don't have it. As far as problems with dismounting or waking from sleep I've had enough similar issues with all manner of Thunderbolt docks in this regard, and problems with a MBPs state after waking from sleep with neither USB3 or Thunderbolt in the equation, not to mention less than perfect behavior with native USB3 ports on MBPs, specifically 2012 and 2013 models. So I hesitate to point the finger at the adapter when something happens. That said, weird stuff basically never happens. I have no need on the Macs I use it on for the audio or video functions of more expensive docks, so the only problem was waiting so long for such an adapter to appear. I swap it between MBPs easily, usually going into a hub which connects multiple storage devices, and I've never had a problem with large transfers or with several processes going on at once through it. It has been no more troublesome than any other part of my chains. Wish it was $45 instead of $80, but what can you do.

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    I have experienced issues similar to others I've read about. The adapter seems to have a hard time staying connected to the Thunderbolt bus for long periods of time if under any transfer load whatsoever. The effect is a great deal like yanking your drive array's cable out of the back of the computer in the middle of reads and writes.

    It's a flimsy, cheaply-made device, and I suspect that some lots of these are better manufactured than others. But I don't think I'm going to trust my data to another one and hope I get a good lot.

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