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    After looking at a much lower priced screen protector, the salesperson at the Apple store told me that I should buy this instead because it would help with the impact if the phone was dropped. So, I shelled out the extra money to "protect" my phone. I dropped my phone from about 2 feet, and the screen COMPLETELY shattered. There didn't seem to be any benefit of buying the more expensive screen protector, quite honestly I feel scammed. Do not buy this!!

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    Shattered Screen After Minor Fall

    I thought this screen protector was great... until I dropped my phone and the screen shattered into tiny little pieces. It didn't even fall that far/hard. I will not buy this product again and I'm out a couple hundred bucks for a replacement. Bummer.

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    Totally not worth the amount paid!

    This screen protector is awful overall. Let me start off with why you might buy it:

    Costs a lot of money, therefore it must be good right? I thought so.
    I thought I was getting, for £25, a screen protector with fully rounded edges for the screen to full coverage. I also thought I was buying a glass screen protector for this price. It is a very clear and sharp protector, with a really nice anti-glare covering that works as intended.

    But it doesn't cover the screen. It is actually less wide than the width of the LCD display, which is just useless. The area where your speaker and home button are, along with the entire curved edge is completely unprotected even with a case.
    It's also not glass, in fact, what's the difference between this and a cheap Chinese one from eBay? Absolutely nothing, except it costs £24 more. Absolute rubbish.

    I'm trying for a refund as soon as possible. I hope you don't fall into the same trap I did.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Requirements: Hermetically Sealed Cleanroom

    You have one attempt to apply this thing. If you get a single speck of dust on the underside of the film before its sealed against the phone's screen, you may as well throw it out b/c it's impossible clean.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointing and over priced

    This protector film just looks like any other ordinary plastic screen protector film that you can get for $15. With the anti-glare features it makes the images look blurry, so don't consider this if you want a clear and high resolution looking appearance.

    Apple refused to apply it for me in the store so I had to do it myself. Application of the film was not easy because this product does not come with an alcohol wipe like the other film products do, little dust would still be on the phone screen even you wipe it several times with the cloth provided.

    The frame given to guide the application does not fit the film perfectly, the film edges would lie on the guidance frame instead of your phone during the application. Many bubbles appear after the first application and you need to use sticky tape to stick the film up and apply it again for several times to achieve a bubble-less result.

    I have been using protectors that are actually a layer of glass and that gives me a much clearer image and better protection, the glass protector would crack if I drop it but it would protect the actual phone screen from cracking. I just wanted to try this product because it claims itself to be highly protective but I regret it as soon as I applied it to my phone. I don't recommend this product, it is really over priced for what you get.

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    Not long lasting

    Was purchased two months ago at Apple store, looked perfect, was applied in the the store by the customer specialist. After two months it appeared air bubbles on all surface, no special cleanings were not applied on the protector. Air bubbles appeared suddenly, in the evening the phone was fine, the next morning it was covered with air bubbles. I went to the Apple store where I became an witness how the same protector was applied on brand new just purchased the iPhone 5s, the bubbles appeared immediately, the customer requested to reapply but the specialist refused saying that it impossible and gave one more protector to that disappointed customer. I would recomed this protector if you need it only for one minute or if you get lucky for two months.

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    Film doesn't even fit properly in the red holder. Doesn't fit the screen properly. Definitely not worth £25.00!! Waste of money!!

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    Does not fit the whole screen

    A screen I got is smaller(narrower) than the size of iPhone 6. the width is smaller by 1-1.5 mm. It is very annoying and distractive when using the screen.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Seems OK to me

    I've had a number of iPhones and a number of screen protectors all of which peel off, don't fit correctly or simply bubble up resulting in me taking it off and hoping for the best. Having had a Tech21 case in the past, I knew that a screen protector wouldn't be cheap but I needed something to keep my iPhone 6 looking smart. I made sure I carefully read the instructions and took time to sit the applicator in position before starting to add the screen protector. I aligned the base carefully against the applicator and simply let the protector 'fall' onto the iPhone screen. Immediately the bubbles vanished and it was perfectly lined up. Since then (2 months and counting) it doesn't look like it's going to budge. No peeling, no marks, no issues. Worked for me but price limits it to four stars.

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    Best screen protector on the market!

    I have loved this product since the day I put it on. It goes on easily and it is very simple for not talented people to rid the screen free of bubbles! I have noticed no scratches in the three months I've had it on my phone, and the anti-glare feature is awesome. I don't realize a diminish in the resolution. The feel of the screen is the best part of the protector.

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    All the good and all the bad

    Take your time. The guy at the Apple Store asked if I wanted help. I said No of course and I have three to four pieces of lint that are distracting, but I will get over it. Its nice to have no fingerprints to clean now, but it does make texting a little fuzzier. It needs to be slightly bigger, but I think it will protect very well. My biggest take away is have the Apple tech install or take your time.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This screen protector claims to be the best, but I am thoroughly disappointed. After applying there were multiple air bubbles left and the screen isn't crisp whatsoever. Also, the matte on the product makes swiping difficult and it sqeaks when you touch it. Very disappointed and I recomennd you stick to a high gloss product!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product

    This was easy to install, with no air bubbles after I'd finished. Seems incredibly strong, not too thick. Screen stays really responsive still. Would definitely reccomend. Yes, it doesn't cover the whole front of the phone, but used with a case its great.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Too narrow

    Bought one of these and had a great deal of difficulty getting it aligned to the iPhone 6 without leaving uncovered edges of the screen. The protector is cut exactly the same width as the visible portion of the iPhone screen, so if you don't get it PERFECTLY aligned (the enclosed alignment tool isn't much help by the way) you will have gaps. With it being anti glare the difference between the covered and uncovered areas is distracting. Hands down the worst screen protector I have installed, and I've done a fair few. Tech 21 need to add a few millimetres to the width of this protector to provide some tolerance during install.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't bother!

    Protector is way too small for the screen so will peel away easily and also creates an annoying line across the screen where the edge of the protector is! Also it's virtually impossible to get all the air bubbles out, even with significant time spent scraping with the hard card provided, as a result it doesn't provide anywhere near a good result and if it wasn't SO expensive I'd be tempted to take it off. Not good value for money or a quality product in any way.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pleasantly surprised!

    Best screen protector I've ever had - even though like with all screen protectors, it takes a bit of patience to get right. I had some eyeglass cleaner handy, so I used that to clean the iPhone screen before application. The first time I applied the screen protector using the included alignment tool, it wasn't perfect. If you follow the instructions and kind of slot the screen protector into the alignment tool (lining up the bottom of the protector with the tool), it doesn't quite line up on the sides. For me there was a slight gap on the right using this procedure, so I gave it another go and instead of following the application instructions, I just kind of laid down the protector (with the hole for the home button lining up with the space on the alignment tool where. Worked much better!

    As for size, it sufficiently covers the screen area - with the phone's curvature, you can't expect a screen protector to cover the bevelled edges as well (unless you opt for a Zagg-type protector that covers the entire device).

    Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the screen protector! Did some testing (running my sharp nails across, keying it, pen marks), and it holds up! Obviously, it has a matte look and feel which may be a turn off if you prefer your screen protectors glossy and shiny. But on the other hand, no fingerprints!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't Bother!!!

    I got this from the Apple Store on the recommendation of the Apple Genius, got it home and tried to install it, the plastic button stencil for when you install it is a good idea however once the film is in place it is next to impossible to get all the air bubbles out, I also noticed that it did not cover the whole screen, I understand that it may not go from top to bottom and all the way accros the iPhone 6 but I would expect it to cover everywhere I would touch on the app screen, it doesn't!! Utterly useless! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!!!

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    OK but not worth the cash

    Let me start out by saying I am a Tech21 fan and I have my iPhone 6 in a Tech21 case. That being said, their screen protectors are terribly over priced. Like a fool I tried one and wasn't very pleased. You get one screen protector in the package so don't make any mistakes. At $34.95 each these things will put you in the poor house. Their main competitor on the web site has a great product for 1/2 the price. Don't wast your money.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    The Worst apple approved design EVER!!!!

    Not sure how this made it passed the apple bods. It doesn't even cover the screen. I know the glass is curved but it should at least cover the screen don't you think. Would have given it less if it were possible and the Apple sales guy wasn't standing over my shoulder.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    As a matte screen protector goes this is pretty poor.
    Mine is perfectly applied (no bubbles/ marks etc) - tip is to do this in a bathroom with hot tap/ shower on (steam picks up all the bits in the air).

    Nearly all of the ones on the market don't fit the rounded bezels on the new iphones - this one is no different!
    Quality of material is good, however the design is very poor.

    The cut-out round the home button has peeled away and cut-out near the ear piece is also starting to peel away slightly.
    Honestly - the design of this screen protector is flawed - unless Tech21 sort it out don't waste your money.

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