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    Best Thunderbolt Dock for the Price

    I picked one of these up shortly after they were released a couple years ago. It was a bit rough at first because the drivers from Apple had sleep/wake issues but after a few OS updates those went away. This, combined with my older 27" LED Cinema Display made for a very nice two cable dock (1 for data, another for power). I've used this dock, the Apple Thunderbolt Display, and OWC's Thunderbolt dock. For the price, this is the best.


    1. All USB ports charge devices even when no computer is connected. (Only two ports on the OWC charge.)
    2. Works in Windows as well as macOS. (The OWC does not.)
    3. No special drivers required.
    4. Comes with a (short) Thunderbolt cable.


    1. One more USB port would have been ideal.
    2. The audio port isn't a combo port and there is background interference when hooking up headphones or speakers. (The OWC doesn't have that issue.)
    3. The Thunderbolt cable is short so if you need something longer, the value proposition isn't as great.

    Remember, video is either/or. You can't use HDMI and Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort. I've seen a few gripes about this and while it would be a neat feature, it isn't advertised as such. No point in complaining that a product doesn't do something it doesn't claim to do.

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    Better order a Thunderbolt cord too

    Probably my fault for not paying close enough attention, but for $200+ I wouldn't expect this dock to come with a 1 1/2 foot cord - This completely reduces the usefulness of the product out of box; the cord isn't even long enough to stretch across my 15in MBP while plugged in so now I must purchase a longer cord to fit the layout of my desk.

    3 foot cord would have netted 4-5 stars upon further review.

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    Does not work with 2 external monitors unless they both are Apple displays

    After buying this dock, we found out that it doesn't allow connecting two monitors, unless those two monitors are both apple thunderbolt displays. I have two Lenovo monitors, but I can only connect one at a time. I thought the dock would allow to connect one via HDMI and the other over thunderbolt, but it only allows one monitor at a time.

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    A Time Saving Godsend

    I absolutely refuse to buy another desktop, I want to be able to move with my computer as I please, especially since my iPad doesn’t quite do everything I need it to do (yet.) At the same time, I truly prefer when at the office or in my home office to have my full size keyboard, mouse, and monitor. in the past that meant having all sorts of plugs connected to my laptop which would eventually fall down behind my desk when I (inevitably) had to disconnect and travel with my notebook! So annoying!

    I am happy to report that this elgato dock is the remedy for me. I managed to connect all my peripherals (keyboard video and mouse), my time machine backup and even my headphone set all to this simple and elegant little device. Whenever I want to go on a trip with my computer, I just pop out the one thunderbolt cord from my mac and I'm golden until I come back and reconnect quickly with one simple little cord.

    Oh and yes, I love the usb port in the front of the dock for the occasions that I have to plug in USB stick or my nike watch after a run.

    I know it sounds strange, but this little dock made me love my computer that much more. I definitely recommend it! (that is of course until all peripherals are made wireless but I figure that won’t happen for a while…I think)

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    Dock works great!

    I got the Thunderbolt Dock for my desktop setup and it works great. Super easy and keeps all my cables neat and clean on my desk.

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    Great product with room for improvment.

    The device came with a bad power supply that caused intermittent operation. It was replaced by Apple with ease. Since the device was not “mission critical” it was minor inconvenience.

    Since one Thunderbolt port is used to connect the device only one is available to use with external drives—not ideal for pro users. On USB, a Wacom and a Lightening cable for my iOS devices then I needed a USB hub to connect other devices. The provided Thunderbolt cable is short which limits moving peripherals form the workspace and the lack of ports requires additional hubs which was disappointing.

    The front USB port should be relocated to the back to help with cable management. If a USB port for a quick data transfer there is on the MacBook. The front USB port is nice for iMacs—but that’s not the target for this product. A side benefit on my mid-2011 iMac is that this enables USB 3.0 devices at native speeds.

    Long term, I am planning to move my peripherals into my IT closet which is located 50 feet away using of a 66ft Corning Optical Thunderbolt Cable in combination with this Dock—removing noise, power supplies and cables from the workspace.

    For the pro user, if the goal is for a single cable solution, there is a need for the Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock Pro with 4 Thunderbolt Ports and 5 USB Ports.

    For a typical user this Dock is overkill. Thunderbolt would not be a priority as typical users tend to use less expensive USB drives. Gigabit Ethernet is generally not needed for a typical user, either. For these users a USB hub is adequate even if that it means plugging in a monitor using a second cable.

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    perfect for Air and iMac

    I love this thing -- the Thunderbolt display I used with my MacBook Air bit the dust, and I didn't want to spend the money on a (non-Retina) replacement. I did, however, want something that would give me the port expansion that I had in the monitor, and the Thunderbolt 2 Dock does that in spades. I now have five full USB 3.0 ports (two on the Air, three on the dock), two Thunderbolt 2.0 ports (one on the Air, the other on the dock), Ethernet, and HDMI out. There is also audio in and out on the front of the unit, which is great for listening to tunes while I'm working, and all of the USB ports will charge my iPhone and iPad, even if the Air isn't connected.

    The Thunderbolt 2 Dock is perfect for my Air, and I like it so much that I'm probably going to get a second one for my 2011-era iMac 27". With the extra USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports, I'll get a bunch of fast and easy throughput for my collection of drives. I won't get the Thunderbolt 2 speeds with the iMac, but that's a fine compromise for getting USB 3.0 performance and an extra Thunderbolt port.

    The only thing I can't speak to is the 4K video support -- I don't currently have a display that supports 4K, but the dock is so straightforward that I imagine it just works. You'll need to have a Mac with Thunderbolt 2 (like the iMac 5K and recent Retina MacBook Pros) to get that resolution.

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