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    Horrible case.

    Don't buy any of these cases. I have had a problem from day one with people not being able to hear me. They sent me a new one and it still didn't work. Everyone who called me could hardly hear me. I stopped using it completely and just put it on this morning while I was surfing in case my wife went into labor. The second the case it got wet the phone was broken. I can't see anything on my screen. Now I have to go through insurance and won't have a phone for days. These cases don't work and they make life more difficult.

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    Review of LifeProof Case

    Looks great, offers superior protection, however if you want to use the phone inside the cover for communication purposes, it fails miserably.

    It is incredibly useless. People can barely hear me talk.

    With luck the company that produces it will go bust shortly and spare everyone the pain of having to deal with such an inept product.

    Paid $100 for the privilege. Shame on me.

    If I could rate it a minus 5, I would.

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    Okay, first off, I've had this case for about seven months now and the first problem I had when i bought it was i couldnt fit most earbuds and chargers with my case on. Seven months later, the little door covering the charging port thing is broken. I dropped my phone today with the case on and i didnt drop it very hard but now my screen is VERY BROKEN. Every inch of it is shattered. I just got it replaced two months ago.

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    LifeProof case for iPhone 6

    I was not getting phone calls because my phone would not ring. While doing some research on the subject I discovered that people were having this issue because they had a LifeProof case on the phone. When I removed the case, my phone rang. When installing the case the sound gets turned off.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    LIFEPROOF IPHONE 6 FRE CASE, I can't hear them, they can't hear me!!

    I received this case for Christmas but didnt put it on the phone till I got my phone in January (Apple store put it one for me) ...And its been a NIGHTMARE!! I'm screaming tin the bottom of the phone where the cord goes in, and trying to listen to the muffled sounds coming out of there as well.!!! FORGET about listening to music...sounds like from the 1930's. I tried to deal with it, because I wanted my phone to be protected....BUT then I realized...if I have the bottom clip open where the power plug goes in, it is exposed to the possibility of water damage should I be at the beach or around any other water source (puddle) etc...and then I have a voided warranty and NO phone!!..Defeats the purpose.

    I am in the public yelling into to bottom of my phone and people are looking at me....let alone...it doesn't make for a pleasant conversation, on go5h parties.

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    Callers can hardly hear me. Will never buy another one.

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    Ruptured eardrum

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced the very loud humming with the case on the phone or the loud pop that happens several times during a call but if you have you wouldn't forget it. I'm thinking my eardrum is ruptured due to this. I really liked the idea of waterproof but I can't even talk on my phone with this case. Wasted 100$. And I don't have that to waste. Not happy with this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Do not buy. I've bought two of these and they both broke in the same exact spot being the charging door so now it won't shut. Waste of money

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Sooooo disappointed. I wish there were negative stars.

    I am totally disappointed in this product. No one, I mean NO ONE, can understand me when I try to talk. The sound quality is horrible. The case seems to be snapped together properly, but there is a disturbing gap between the two parts in the gray rubbery areas at the top and bottom of the case. I am not about to test its waterproof-ness. I am scared to take my brand new phone out of the case, because it probably will provide some protection if I drop it - not ever sure of that… The purchase of this product was just about like setting fire to a $100 bill. And that, at least, would have been more fun. As soon as my meagre budget can withstand it, I'm running out to by some other product. Probably an Otter case.

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    Lousy charging port size

    How can life proof go from a charging port hole one the FRE that fits most cables to so,etching that will only fit an apple cable. What world is life proof living in? You can't even get into a friends car and charge your phone. My case lasted one day on my phone and I took it off and got rid of it. Be careful check the charging port first you won't be happy. Bad design idea.

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    Very disappointed

    I had a life proof for my 5c and loved it, no problems. So with out doing any research I purchased a life proof after getting a 6+. The charger port door broke in the first week, and nobody can hear me when I talk. The camera has terrible glare. I will be switching to an otter box after I recover from lighting $100 on fire.

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    Muffled sound

    I recently purchased this case so I could use it in the water. Unfortunately, most people cannot understand me while I am on the phone with them as my voice is muffled and unclear. I also used the attachment provided to hook in my headphones and they did not stay in the phone. I spent a lot of money on this case and find myself taking it off to talk and listen to music which only increases the likelihood that I will drop my phone and break it. I just ordered an Otterbox. I spent 70 dollars for the case and now have to spend more for a new one not only 1 month later.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    The price would suggest this product lives up to its claims (you pay what you get for etc) but it is absolutely the biggest waste of $110 i have ever spent. When the case is on, the voice functions of the phone are rendered unusable. The only use for this case is if you want to go to the beach and text / email only (no voice calls). But the hinged access to the power supply socket snapped after 6 weeks of occiasional use so its already broken and not waterprrof and i will be going back to the Apple store i purchased it from to let them know they sold me a dud - they really should not be endorsing such utter rubbish its not good for their brand

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lifeproof is a sham. Don't waste your money.

    If you wish to skip my explanation and spiel, I'll sum it up here - This is a bad product and not worth your hard earned money.

    For a little background - I was originally introduced to Lifeproof when I purchased a case for my 5c. It passed all of the initial tests per warranty. A week later I had it in my cycling jersey, completely sealed with no headphones. I finished my November ride and the miniscule amount of sweat I produced somehow permeated the case, and fried the phone. I politely contacted Lifeproofs warranty department and they basically gave me the runaround. The faulty product and the bad customer service left a sour taste in my mouth. I continued to use it as a shockproof case since I had no adequate replacement and the screen shattered a few months later when my nephew knocked it off the coffee table.

    "Never again.." I thought.

    I was gifted one for my iPhone 6 and figured I'd give it a shot. Perhaps the first was a lemon. Perhaps I had a bad run of luck.
    I decided to approach the new case with objectivity and forget the 5c debacle. Note, I refrained from carrying the phone in my cycling jersey pocket.

    To Lifeproof's credit, I had no issue with call quality or speaker whine. I don't use the thumbprint so I have no say in that matter.

    But it turns out it's just a cheap product. The charger door broke off after 2 weeks. The headphone adapter failed a week later and would activate Siri if I moved it at all. I didn't think the adapter was the culprit until I tried a friends adapter and it worked fine.

    A week later I removed the phone from the case to clean it (the first time I removed the phone since initial installation) the sealing gasket came out of the groove and broke. The case no longer snaps completely together.

    Note that I am not using this case in an extreme fashion. Most of the time it sits on my desk in my office. I don't film outdoor activities with it, I don't go mountain biking with it in my pocket and I don't take it fly fishing in turbulent waters.

    I tried to warranty the case for the broken charger door and the malfunctioning headphone adapter. I had followed the manufacturer's guidelines to a T. They said they do not replace cases for everyday wear and tear. The case is less than a month old and has only been on a desk or in my pocket. It hasn't been filming surfing in the Pacific, nor has it been strapped to a helmet on a downhill mountain bike course.

    I'm a normal everyday consumer and expect a product marketed as "Lifeproof" to be at least "office proof."

    I normally do not complain about things of this nature, but this company is putting out a cheap shoddy product and giving consumers a false sense of certainty as to the actual claimed protections their product offers.

    Lifeproof cases are a sham. $90 for two pieces of molded plastic that probably costs them less than a dollar per unit to produce, and they market it as the ultimate protection for your $700 and up iPhone.

    It is not Lifeproof, folks. Don't buy this overpriced lie.

    Never again..

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor value

    I have had to remove this case because people can't hear me properly. The phone shop installed it for me so I am confident that it was on correctly. Also, my regular earphones won't fit into the socket with this case. Over a hundred dollars wasted.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So many reasons why this case is crapola

    To name a few:
    Taking photos with bright lights in the background (ie a window or at a campfire) will cause a reflective image as a result of the case. There is no fix for this.
    Talking on the phone you will sound muffled and people you call will have issues.
    Music and sounds are muffled.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this case, why the negativity?

    I love this case. Coming from several samsungs in otterboxes this case is very thin and feels tough. Just did some testing and everyone could hear me fine with this case and I heard them fine as well. Said I sounded better than my previous phone with the otterbox. Love that this case has the screen completely exposed so I can use it without an annoying screen protector yet still is waterproof. 5 stars, great case. Don't know why people are giving it negative reviews, especially without any reasons. Touch ID works fine, just set it up before you put the case on as the instructions state.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Good protection; epic fail for voice communication

    The Nuud case? Unacceptable. Replaced my old iPhone with a 6s. Used a Lifeproof case on my old iPhone and it worked for me, so got the Nuud for my new phone. It offers the protection I expect and looks good. But - and this is a huge but - people I call cannot hear me clearly. I have had to make some important calls in the past two weeks and those trying to understand me say it sounds like I am "in a deep hole" or "under water" and my voice is "garbled." It is frustrating to slowly repeat myself and to spell words for the caller to understand what I am saying. I'm returning the Nuud case and doing research before purchasing another case.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this case but for two serious deficiencies

    Very well designed case but for two serious deficiencies:

    1) The membrane over the home button stretches out, so that it stops reading fingerprints. There may be no viable solution. LifeProof sent me a new case, but the membrane is doomed to fail unless they replace on redesign with a material that snaps back to taut, assuming such a material exists. Another solution might be a gasket surrounding the button, as on the home screen.

    2) The dongles break. More specifically, the connections inside the dongles break, so that the left side of your headset ceases to work. Been through several dongles. The last one broke after just two weeks. Just ordered three more. Not cheap.

    I am using the case for runs and workouts, not underwater, so I can live without a cover on the home button, but the dongle is essential -- can't use a headset without it. LifeProof, please be true to your identity and make more life-proof wire connections inside the dongle.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Makes phone worse

    Callers cannot hear me talk when I use this case. The mute button feature does not work at all. The ports are awkward. I am also convinced, though I can't prove, that this case is the reason my previous phone mysteriously stopped working altogether.

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